General Maintenance

General Maintenance

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    • Cancel Account from a Mobile Device

      If you only access the site via a mobile device (using the mobile site or app), and you wish to cancel your account, you must log into the Mobile Site ( or, then follow the steps below: Scroll to the bottom of the site and ...
    • How do I contact Tagged?

      Report Abuse: The best way to report a user is to click ‘Report Abuse’ next to the specific item that violates our Terms of Service. Reporting the specific message, comment, status or photo shows us the specific content that violates our Terms of ...
    • Cash Runs: Last Buyer / Assets

      By becoming the new owner repeatedly during the cash run you will earn a profit. The advantage of cash runs is that you have the option to get at least 50% of your investment back immediately after being 'stuck' with the pet (being the last buyer).  ...