Gift - Send a Gift

Gift - Send a Gift

Have a little extra Gold, but not sure how to spend it? Why not treat one of your pals to a pint of beer or buy them a virtual puppy? Sending Gifts is a great way to spread the love on Tagged! While you can no longer create and upload your own gifts to send, we offer a wide selection for pre-made gifts for any occassion.

To send a Gift to someone, just follow the steps below:

  • Hover your mouse over the ‘More’ link at the top navigation bar to open up the menu and click on the ‘Gifts’ link.
  • When on the ‘Gifts’ page, make sure you’re on the ‘Send Gifts’ tab.
  • On the Send Gifts page, use the browsing options to search through the available Gifts. The drop-down boxes under “Browse Gifts” allow you to filter Gifts according to how popular they are, how recently they were added, and more. You can browse Gifts by category, or enter keywords to find a specific Gift. You can also filter Gifts by price using the checkboxes in the “Gold Amount” section.
  • When you have located the gift you want to send, click on it to select it.
  • Next, select the friend(s) you would like to send the gift to by clicking on their profile picture.
  • Click the ‘Send Gifts’ button to send the gift.

Please note: Gifting only includes the photo you see on the Gifts page. The amount of gold listed under the Gift is the cost of the gift and not something the other user will be receiving.

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