Skins - Custom Skins

Skins - Custom Skins

If you'd like to make your own Profile skin, Tagged has a great skin customization tool that will help you personalize your page! You can add colors or images all over your page in your background, header, sub-header and boxes! You can also pick a font, make borders for your boxes and more!

To locate our skin customization tool:

  • Click the Profile link in the top Nav bar
  • Click the “Change Skin” link in the Actions menu (to the left of your Profile Photo
  • Select “Make a Skin” from the skin customization tool at the top of the page

From here, you can use the tool to customize each section of your new Skin.

To add a custom background color or image:

  • Click on “Background” to open the Profile background menu.
  • To add a solid color as a background, click on one of the color swatches in the color palette.
  • To add an image as your background, locate the “background image” section, and upload your image using one of the following methods: upload the image locally from your computer, upload the image by entering a URL address, or use an image from your Tagged photo gallery.
  • After uploading a background image, you can change the placement of the image by clicking on any square in the 3x3 Image Position grid.
  • Your background image is set to scroll along with your profile page by default. If you would like your background image to remain static while scrolling, change the “Image Scroll” option to “OFF”.

To add a custom header to your new Skin:

  • Click on “Header” to open the profile header menu
  • If you wish to change the style of your navigation bar, use the arrow links to browse through Tagged's library of Navigation Styles. Click on any thumbnail to apply the Style to your navigation bar
  • If you wish to add a banner image, you can upload an image from the ‘Banner Image’ section using one of the following methods: upload the image locally from your computer, upload the image by entering the URL address, or you can use an image from your Tagged gallery
  • You can change the position of your banner image by using the Image Position drop-down menus on the right. If you would like to increase or decrease the size of the banner image, click on the banner slider and move it up or down on the track

To add custom boxes:

  • Click on the "Boxes" link. The box options menu will open on the right
  • Pick a Box category from the "Sections" menu (Subheader, Background, Border, or Fonts) color or you may upload an image to use. You can also adjust the size of the Subheaders by using the Subheader Spacing slider on the right
  • To add color or image to your Box Background, you may use the color palette to select a solid color or you may upload an image to use
  • To add a border around your boxes, click on Border in the Sections menu to open the Border menu. You may then select a border style, size, and color from the menu
  • To change your Font styles or color, select Fonts from the Sections menu to open the Fonts menu. From there, you can select a font style, color, and size for your display name, subheader, profile text, and hyperlinks

After you've added all the required information, make sure to name your new skin from the ‘Name your Skin’ zone on the upper right corner of the Skin box.

Before leaving the page, make sure to hit ‘Save’ to save all the information.


If you would like to share your new Skin with everyone on Tagged, you'll have to go through a quick submission process and then your skin will be reviewed.  If it meets our requirements, we'll add it to the Tagged Skins Library!  For the greatest chance of having your submitted skin approved, make sure that it:

  • Doesn't contain any copywrighted/trademarked content (sports team logos, movie/video game characters, brand names, etc.)
  • Is legible (specifically, that profile text/links are visible on top of a background color/image)
  • Has an icon that is clearly representative/related to your theme

To submit a skin for possible inclusion in the Tagged Skins Library:

  • From the Skin tool menu, click ‘My skins history’
  • Click the 'Submit a skin' link in the sub-menu
  • Read the instructions, then click the 'Start' button in the top right to begin
  • Select the skin you wish to submit by mousing over it, then clicking its name or the circle directly to the left of it, then click the 'Next' button to continue
  • On the skin information page, provide the following information:
    • An 80x80px icon that accurately represents your skin's theme or design (note: if you are submitting a skin based on one of your Photos, you can easily find an 80x80 icon to upload by saving the thumbnail of this picture from the Photos module on your Profile page!)
    • An original name for your skin. Each skin must have a unique name, and no HTML/special characters/profanity is allowed
    • Select a category and subcategory from the drop-down lists that best describes your skin's theme or design
    • Enter specific keywords that will allow users to find your skin in the 'Select a skin' Search. For best results include parts of your skin's name, plus other relevant keywords (e.g. for a skin named 'Red Dragon', use keywords like: red, dragon, flame, fire, myth)
  • After you've added all the required information, click the green 'Submit' button on the right.  Once we've reviewed your skin submission, we'll send you an email to let you know if it's been included in the Tagged Skins Library.

Now that you know how to make a skin, just follow the rules and show us your profile style!

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