Add / Invite / Delete a Friend

Add / Invite / Delete a Friend

Add a Friend:

Find someone on the site that you’d like to add as a friend? Here’s how you can do it:

  • Locate the user that you wish to add as a friend and click on their profile picture to view their profile.
  • Click the 'Add to Friends' link that appears on the list of options to the left of their profile photo.

If there’s someone who isn’t on Tagged that you’d like to invite to join, you can do that too! You can import your email address book contacts to add people you know as a friend. Here’s how to do it:

  • Hover your mouse over the ‘More’ link at the top navigation bar and click on ‘Search’
  • Locate the box ‘Find your friends on Tagged!’ and enter in your email address.
  • Click ‘Find friends’. A pop-up window will appear asking you to log into your
    email provider with your email address and password. (Your email
    provider will ask to allow access to your contacts)
  • After importing your contacts, you’ll be brought back to the ‘Friends’ page.
  • Click on the ‘Email Contacts’ tab.
  • From here you can find the email address of the friend that you would like
    to invite to Tagged and click on the ‘Send Invite’ link located next to
    their name or you can click on the green ‘Invite Selected’ button to
    invite all of the imported contacts.


Delete a Friend:

Now, if you find you no longer want to be friends with someone, you can
easily delete friends from your list by doing the following:

  • On the Friends page, locate the friend that you wish to remove from your list.
  • Hover your mouse over their profile photo tile and click on the red ‘X’ that
    appears in the upper right corner of their profile picture.
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