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To edit your Profile Information from the app please follow the steps below:


  • From the Home screen select Profile
  • 'Swipe' the top Nav Bar (Feed, Photos, Friends, etc) to the Left
  • Select Info
  • Select the 'Edit' button (appears as a little 'pencil' for the Profile field you wish to Edit
  • You may edit Profile Information, Relationship Status and Interests
  • When you are done making changes, select the Red 'Check' in the upper right to Save your information


  • From the Home screen select Profile
  • Select the 'Info' button (in the lower middle of the screen) to expand your profile information
  • At the top (just below your profile Name) tap to select your Profile information
  • You may edit Profile Information (Display Name, Gender, Location, etc), Relationship Status etc)
  • To edit your ‘About Me’ information (Status, Tagline, Interests etc) select the arrow to the right of the item you wish to edit


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