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Add a Widget

To add a widget from the list of Tagged supported widgets:

  • Click the “Profile” link in the top navigation bar
  • Click the “Add a Widget” link to the left of your profile picture
  • In the pop-up list, select the module where you'd like the widget to appear (Left Wall, Right Wall)
  • On the Add a Widget page, use the tabs (“Photo, Text, YouTube”) to select the type of widget you'd like to make, then pick a widget creation tool from the list and follow the instructions to create and add it to your profile page
  • If you already have the embed code for the widget you'd like to add to your page, select the “Enter Code” tab, paste it into the “Enter Code” field. Click the preview to view it, then when you are ready to add it to your profile page, click the “Done!” button on the bottom of the Enter Code field

** You can also Add a Widget by clicking the “Add a Widget” link on the top left corner of any Widget box (Left Wall, Right Wall).

On your profile page, you use the ‘Up’ and ‘Down’ links on the top right of each widget to move it up or down within the same module.

Remove a Widget

If you want to delete a widget from your profile, please follow these steps:

  • Click on your profile picture to view your profile (you can also click 'Profile' at the top nav bar).
  • Locate the widget you wish to delete. At the top of the specific widget you wish to delete appear four links: "Copy", "Delete", "Up" and "Down".
  • Click "Delete" then click "Yes" to confirm your choice.
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