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The offers you see on the Earn Gold page are run by a third party company called RadiumOne. If you continue to have problems with your gold offers, its best to contact them directly via email at support@radiumone.com.

To view your Earn Gold history, do the following:

  1. Put your mouse over "Account" at the top nav bar and select 'Get More Gold'
  2. Then click the 'Missing Gold?' link that appears below on the right side of 'Complete offers and earn Gold'
  3. Look for the offer that you have not received Gold for and click 'Contact Support'
  4. Complete the online form and click 'Send'

Earn gold offers completed via the Android App are offered and run by SponsorPay.

To inquire about the status of an offer from the app, select the '?' on the upper right of the 'Earn Gold' page and follow the instructions to inquire about your offer. You can also email SponsorPay directly at customersupport@sponsorpay.com .

If you are unable to reach RadiumOne or SponsorPay, you can Contact Tagged directly and we'll be happy to reach out to them on your behalf. When emailing us, please be sure to include the following information:

- The name of the offer.
- The time and date of your attempt to complete the offer.
- The amount of gold the offer was worth

Including this information will allow us to assist you quickly!

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